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  Are you tired of the same old same o? Do you want to save money? Do you want to learn how you can feel better, look better and live better? Even if your well you can enhance your vitality.Are you looking for an alternative?  Visit

Shelly Cain Master Herbalist, R.M.T  passionately believes in the miraculous healing powers of the body. When it is in balance. She began her journey of natural healing in 1998. Shelly attended the Center of Advanced Therapeutics for her basic training in massage therapy. Shelly loved being able to help her clients ,and received further training from the Colorado School of healing Arts for Sports Massage and continued her education at CAT for Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy. Her devotion to help others obtain and maintain optimal health and well being led her to the School Of Natural Healing founded by Dr.John R. Christopher in 1953.

"During the course of practice I began to notice a common denominator amongst my clients,as well as America.That the dis-eases that plague America are all preventable with proper nutrition and exercise. I had always believed if you give the body what it needs it will heal itself. I didn't realize how true that was until I began my studies to become a Master Herbalist.Although,this truth was revealing itself to me long before my studies began.

As a Master Herbalist my goal is to help educate others in achieving positive lifestyle changes.Using whole foods,herbs,exercise(to increase deep breathing),grounding therapy, Body Wraps(to help cleanse the body) and massage therapy to enhance homeostasis.Focusing on cleansing and nourishing the whole person.Understanding and being respectful of individual needs I will customize a program that you can permanently integrate into your lifestyle ,in a manner that you can maintain.

Please join me in helping to prevent and eliminate unnecessary ailments as well as surgeries ,that plague the country today,that can be prevented with proper nutrition and exercise.Be well and wise with your choices."

Following in the foot steps of my ancestors great Lakota warriors,chiefs and medicine people my name is



Shelly Cain massage therapist

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