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Price List

Swedish /Deep Tissue /Sports/Nueromuscular

Integrative Techniques 

60 min $85

75 min $105

90 min $125

2 hour $190

Advanced Therapeutic Massage 
with Ultrasound Therapy

60 min $115

75 min $125

90 min $140

2 hour $210


Consist of : Muscle length testing, Muscle strength and Range of Motion testing .

 Modalities used; Myofascial Release, Reciprocal Inhibition, Post Isometric Relaxation, Transverse Tendon Techniques and if needed Myofascial Trigger Point work , Hot and Cold Therapy

Abdominal Massage

Add an additional $5 to any massage

Castrol pack included for digestive health


$125 no measure 

$150 with measure 



Complimentary WBV included!

$30 non-refundable deposit for each wrap


 Save 10% on package deals 

Flex Cards accepted 

Mobile service also available 

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