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Elimination Food

eat to live , instead of living to eat

Meat and Animal protein-excessive meat eating has been shown study after study that it has a direct correlation with cancer and other harmful diseases . We get the protein second hand from the animals because they get it from grass and grains .When we consume animal protein we also consume uremia poisons and the vibrational fear from when the animal was killed.THE FAT OF THE ANIMAL IS THE HARDEST PART FOR THE BODY TO ELIMINATE, THESE TOXINS AND POISONS IN MEAT ARE THE MAIN CONTRIBUTING FACTORS TO BURSITIS, GOUT, RHEUMATISM etc....EAT SPARINGLY The average heavy meat eater dose not like the taste of good ripe fruits or salads.

Milk-eliminate all dairy products :butter , cheese, cottage cheese , milk , yogurt etc...These are all mucus forming substances and in most cases , can be high in cholesterol .It also depletes the hydrochloric acid in the stomach . Cheese being one of the most constipating foods . No Dairy

Eggs-No eggs should be eaten in any form . Eggs are far too concentrated in protein and highly constipating , the mucus that is formed is far more gluey and sticky than meat . Eggs are one of the main contributors to arthritis , kidney stones and gall stones . All the protein a person needs when the body is cleaned can be derived from fresh fruits and vegetables .

Flour and Flour Products -contributes to a high glycemic index ,which in turn contributes to obesity and diabetes . When heated and baked at high temperatures , it changes to a mucus forming substance . It has no more life , unwholesome food is dead and inorganic .

Sugar and all sugar products- for the obvious reasons , you may use honey , sorgum molasses or black strap molasses or unrefined , dehydrated cane juice. Even these should be used sparingly .Make sure to cook your brown rice just right otherwise it will be the worse mucus forming food .

Processed salt and Pepper-use evaporated sea salt or one of natural , unrefined earth salts without added chemicals . Do not add salt or pepper during cooking . High eat changes the molecular structure . Black pepper (uncracked fresh ground )is a good nutritional herb and helps rebuild the body when used in its natural state . The cravings for excess salt will begin to disappear .

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