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1. What is The Body Wrap ?The Body Wrap is a method for taking off inches , changing body shape and tightening skin in only 60 minutes. It involves wrapping the body with elastic bandages soaked in a special mineral soultion . The Body Wrap is applied firmly to areas needing inch loss . It is applied lighlty where only skin tightening and conditioning is desired . It is safe , healthful and refreshing.

2. Is The Body Wrap a heat or sauna-type treatment ?No, your body will feel cool during The Body Wrap , due to the extraction of toxins. For your comfort , after the wrap is applied a wrap suit is put on to you retain your body heat

.3. What is in The Body Wrap Solution ?It is composed of food grade minerals and water , all of which can be taken internally

.4. How long does it take to get a Body Wrap ?Allow at least 2 to 2 1/2 Hrs. You are in your wrap for 60 minutes .The extra time is for measuring , wrapping ,re wrapping etc... With no measure it will take around 1 1/2 to 2 hrs.

5. What do I wear while I am wrapped ?Women are wrapped in bra and panties . Bring a change of underware because what you are wrapped in will be wet . Men are wrapped in swim trunks - which they also bring

.6. Will this dehydrate me ?No ,we do not use plastic wrapping materials in the wrapping process. There is is no persperation as a part of the treatment . We are only removing toxins from the body not water. Therefore our process is safe and achieves lasting results.

7. Do I get to lay down during my wrap ?The Body Wrap is an active wrap. The client does light exercise during the 60 minutes in the wrap (simple non-strenuous movements rather than lying down). This achieves better circulation and more possible inch loss

8. What will I lose in The Body Wrap ?We guarantee a minimum total inch loss off 6 inches for women and 4 inches for men .Total inch loss from head to toe, we will take before and after measurements to determine the total inch loss from head to toe with a maximum of 24 inches for women and 22 inches for men .The main benefit of The Body Wrap is the loss of toxins .

9.How many wraps will I need ?To maximize your losses ,you should come in once or twice a week until your skin is tight , you have no cellulite and you look great and feel great in your clothes . So this depends on your goals . Once you have reached your goal once or twice a month for maintenance would be ideal .

10. Can The Body Wrap hurt me ?No, we have not found any condition that The Body Wrap will aggravate or hurt . You should discuss any specific body problems with your physcian. If you have serious medical problems we always ask you to consult your Dr. for mutual peace of mind. We'll be glad to explain The Body Wrap procedure. It is a proven and researched fact it is impossible to have an allergic reaction because of the nature of the minerals in The Body Wrap. It is safe enough to do 2-3 times a day and its safe enough for preganant women .

11. Will The Body Wrap help my cellulite ?One of the first things women with this concern report is the loss of many of their cellulite dimples , within the firts few wraps .Our clients report that there skin is smoother and tighter after wrapping . So The Body Wrap will also help to tighten skin after weight loss or gravity . Resulst ,however , very some will experience a differnce with their very first wrap .Remember , cellulite is waterlogged fatty tissue and The Body Wrap will help diminish the apperance depending on clients effort

12. What about problem spots ?The Body Wrap is the art of sculpting and shaping in the same process . When we wrap you, we wrap the areas of concern firmly to take off inches and the rest of the body is wrapped lighlty to tighten and condition the skin only .Some women are interested in lifting and firming their bustline , some wish to decrease the bustline or have their faced wrapped to help with a double chin and tightening . If we are only wrapping for inch loss in a few spots we do not guarantee a 6'' loss . We will take as much as we can off the areas of concern . Again the main benefit of The Body Wrap is removing unwanted toxins and that is why we wrap the entire body

13. Will The Body Wrap help if I ratain water ?The Body Wrap reduces the size of these problem areas , water retainers have their extra pounds in certain areas such as the hips , thighs , legs , etc. They also have problems with bloating or swelling . It is important to be wrapprd once or twice a week regularly during weight loss so that you can control where you lose the weight . The Body Wrap helps to reduce the swelling and bloating and is vital in a program to control water retention.

14. How much weight will I lose ?The Body Wrap was designed to take off inches rather then pounds . Dehydration -type wraps cause you to lose large amounts of fluid for a temporary weight loss .

15. Will I be in a state of fatigue or feel tired after my wrap ?No, you feel VERY good after a wrap . Most clients tell us it leaves them feeling relaxed , energized , clean and very tight .

16. Who will The Body Wrap help ?Anyone who wants to lose inches from their bodies from ; dieters who want to stay as firm as possible while dieting, people with overly dry or rough skin or loose skin from weight changes or pregnancy for women and cellulite problems . Anyone who wants to lose toxins from their bodies . Men and women who want to look and feel TERRIFIC fast !  

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