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Three day juice cleanse

Supreme cleanliness is the first step towards a healthy body .

To begin , you will have three days detoxification therapy and then proceed with the mucusless diet .

suggested time schedule:(in 30min. intervals)upon waking flush body with warm water with a pinch-tsp. of cayenne with lemon (opt.),30min. later drink 16oz.of prune juice and take 1-2 tbsp. of olive oil, later drink8oz. of cleansing juice (carrot, apple, grape, citrus) ,after that drink 8oz of distilled water,30min. later more juice then water keep alternating all day around noon take 1-2tbsp. of olive oil and again around diner continue this until bed .If you get hungry only eat the fruit or vegetable you are drinking. Wheat grass juice 2-4 oz. per day for energy.

  Drink at least two quarts of juice to prevent dehydration and to alkalinize the body as it cleanses( the more the better ) . Bottle juice is better then frozen, fresh homemade is ideal . However , you can by organic unsweetened , no preservatives , additives or chemicals of any kind .

   As you detoxify , you may likely experience constipation , drink more prune juice or use the Dr. Christophers lower bowel formula .The olive oil will help lubricate bile and liver ducts.

Continue this program for three consecutive days . On the fourth and subsequent days , we begin taking vegetable juices , vegetables and fruit , preferably all raw (drink vegetable juices 30 minutes before or after eating fruit ). Do Not eat any heavy foods immediately after cleansing or a fast , but add these to your diet gradually .

You will probably feel weak during or after this detoxification . Don't let this alarm you . As your body begins to cleanse , you might feel periodic aches and pains in the areas where the cleansing action is most acute . The cleansing action may produce all symptoms and effects of illness . Don't panic for this means that the toxins and poisons are being eliminated . The cleansing is not instantaneous . This will take time there will be high days and low days . The bad days will become fewer and fewer , and the good days greater and greater . Soon you will regain greater energy and vitality as a result of a cleaner and healthier body .

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