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WBV Contraindications 

Whole-body vibration is not for everyone. According to the manufacturer I purchased from, you should not use WBV if you have any of the following:

Acute inflammations, infections and/ or fever

Acute arthropathy or arthrosis

Acute migraine

Fresh (surgical) wounds

Recent fractures (wait 6 weeks after a simple fracture, 12 weeks after a compound fracture or those repaired with implants)

Implants of the spine

Acute or chronic Deep Vein Thromboses or other thrombotic afflictions

Acute disc-related problems, Spondylosis, gliding Spondylolisthesis or fractures

Severe osteoporosis with BMD < 70mg/ml

Spasticity (after stroke/ spinal cord lesion)

Morbus Sudeck Stadium I (CRPS I)

Tumors with metastases in the musculoskeletal system

Vertigo or positional dizziness

Acute Myocardial Infarction

Joint replacements (within 6 months of replacement surgery)

If you’re pregnant, suffer from chronic back pain, or have any of these conditions, you’ll want to talk to your doctor about whether whole-body vibration would be a good supportive therapy or not.

Also, keep in mind that a recommended session time is about 10 minutes a day, and experts suggest working up slowly. Vibration therapy is powerful, and you should always follow your manufacturer's usage guidelines.

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